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Karen Cossey

Tauranga author Karen Cossey has been writing stories ever since her primary teacher told her she had a great imagination when she explained that her math homework had been eaten by her pet cow. Stories were everywhere she looked, especially as she grew up in between the pages of books.

She left academic life, headed away from her pet cow and towards the city and after many exciting “life experiences” (something she was told she needed to have to be a writer) she settled in Tauranga, where she still lives.

Having helped prepare her two children to leave home by teaching them their alphabet and the effects of baking soda on vinegar, she now spends her days working with her husband in their family business, writing stories, and going gardening with her pet cat to keep her company and tell her when it’s time to come inside again.

Her books have received Five Star awards, but the moment that truly made Karen proud was when her teacher friend announced at her School Assembly that she had bought two of Karen’s books (that she had read in class), for the school library and her class all started clapping and cheering. Awards are nice, but kids are better…because that’s why Karen writes—for the kids. 😊

Contact Karen via email or her website about school visits.

Karen Cossey author

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