My account and privacy

We’ve popped the links and info about having a customer account and how we take care of your privacy on the Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore into one place.

You can create/register a user account when buying a book during the checkout process, or by clicking on ‘My account’ below.

If you want to change your password, click on the ‘lost password’ link below and go to the ‘account details’ section to manage your login details and password.

Why create a user account for the Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore?

Becoming a registered user by creating your own password protected account on the Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore means your name and address details will be saved with your login, speeding up any future purchases you may make. 

As a registered user, you can also:

  • view your past orders,
  • post reviews on the relevant book page,
  • create a private or public wishlist.

In the future, we may introduce a loyalty points programme where every book you buy when logged in as a registered user will count towards your points total.