Children of the Rush Book 2 – First Chapter


Auckland author James Russell has released the second book in his exciting Children of the Rush series, and we’re fortunate to be able to share the first chapter with you!

Here’s what Children of the Rush Book 2 is all about:

All is well in Gabriel’s Gully, the ramshackle gold rush town. 

But not for long. 

Michael and Atarangi have become firm friends with Siu, a Chinese miner’s daughter who came to the schoolhouse to learn. 

But when bad news from the coast draws their parents away, things take a shocking turn. Disaster strikes, and sinister faces from the past reappear. 

Michael, Atarangi, and Siu have little choice but to take action, despite the danger it will put them in. 

But will their courage, intelligence, and special powers be enough to overcome the evil forces threatening them? 

The early reviews are great!

“A fantastic, fast-paced adventure for young readers. I absolutely loved it!” ~ Sophie Wilton, Children’s books, Whitcoulls

“Gold, greed, and goodness will spark gripping discussions as you follow the next adventures of Michael, Atarangi and Siu!” ~ NZ Read Aloud

Children of the Rush Book 2 Chapter 1