Denika Mead

Denika lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

A teen author, she has an unrelenting passion for fantasy and dystopian writing. Denika has loved writing ever since she could hold a pencil in her hand. She writes at her desk, staring out the window, imagining elves jumping through the trees and bush-clad hills.

She published her debut novel Royal Orchid, The Death-Hunters, in October 2019 when she was 15. The prequel, Into the Flames and the next book in the series The Ghost Warriors, were both released in 2020. The final book in the Royal Orchid series, The Crystal Continent, was published in 2022.

Throughout her teens, she has won and been a finalist in several youth writing competitions, including being a two-time finalist in the New Zealand Youth Laurate award 2018. Denika was a finalist in the Best New Talent category for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in 2020.

When she is not writing, imagining dragon adventures or immersed in her latest reading escapade.

Denika has created an activity kit for her book, The Death-Hunters, which includes a word hunt, writing exercises, a quiz, information about the world of Royal Orchid, plus lots more. She is also available for school visits. Please email Denika via the button below for more details.

Denika Mead NZ author