Donating with Kiwi Christmas Books

The Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore is supporting this year’s Kiwi Christmas Books campaign and invites donations from Wanaka and Upper Clutha locals to support local families. The wonderful team at Community Networks/LINK, based at the Wanaka Community Hub, will share the donated books with local families who get to choose which book(s) they want.

The Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore is starting off the Kiwi Christmas Books donation box with 10 brand-new books created by New Zealand authors. For every 10 books donated, we’ll add another one.

Can we donate enough books for the 150 local families that Community Networks/LINK plans to have food parcels and gifts for?

Scroll down for news from Kiwi Christmas Books, now a registered charity.

How to donate a book

  • Choose the book(s) you want to donate and add them to your cart.
  • On the checkout screen, enter the coupon code XMASBOOKS. This allows you to select the free “Kiwi Christmas Books donation” shipping option. 
  • Enter your name and address in the billing fields. Don’t select to deliver to a different address. We know your order is for Kiwi Christmas Books because of the XMASBOOKS coupon code.
  • Enter your payment details to complete the order.
  • We will automatically put your donated book into our box to deliver to Community Networks/LINK in Wanaka after 11 December.

Job done! You’ve donated a book to the Kiwi Christmas Books 2024 campaign and it will be distributed to a local Wanaka family by Community Networks/LINK, so THANK YOU! Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Any questions, please email

30,000 books donated to Kiwi kids in need – 10,000 more on the way

Children’s book-gifting charity Kiwi Christmas Books has passed a milestone donation mark ahead of the launch of its 2023 Christmas campaign.

More than 30,000 brand new books have now been donated by generous New Zealanders since the book-gifting project began, and this Christmas the charity is aiming to donate 10,000 more books to
kids in need.

“The support for this scheme has been absolutely incredible. I never imagined that we would achieve such a milestone in just a few short years,” founder Sonya Wilson says.

Kiwi Christmas Books

Kiwi Christmas Books began as a personal project for the former TV reporter and author in 2019 and became a fully-fledged charity last year with a nationwide support network of volunteers and donors.

The charity provides brand new books to families who can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for their kids, or who struggle to access books in general.

“We know that for some of our kids last year, our book was the only Christmas present they received, and they absolutely treasure them,” says Sonya.

New Zealanders have dug deep to support this very worthy cause – donating new books through local bookstores, schools and workplaces, or directly through the charity’s website,

Last Christmas alone saw 9,825 brand new books gifted to families in need or in crisis, and earlier this year, Kiwi Christmas Books donated more than 4,500 books to families affected by Cyclone Gabrielle through their Cyclone Books campaign.

“Books are essential tools for helping a child thrive. We believe all Kiwi kids, whatever their background, should have access to inspiring, quality literature,” Sonya says.

The donated books have a huge impact in the community, according to those working with recipient families and whānau.

‘‘The books have made a huge difference to our littlest patients over Christmas and have brought so much joy!” says Julia Powell from The Middlemore Foundation. “During the flood response in January, having books to give the kids in the emergency response centres was just amazing as they were there for days on end without anything to do.”

Family Works Southland’s Kris Wallis has also observed the positive impacts of the project.
“The books have a huge impact in the community. Many of the families we work with have never had a new book, and the children really treasure them. The books not only enhance learning and language skills, but also provide an opportunity for parents/caregivers to bond with children through reading together.”

Over Christmas 2023, Kiwi Christmas Books aims to distribute 10,000 more books to underprivileged children across Aotearoa.

The charity’s 2024 Christmas donation campaign kicks off on November 1st, and members of the public can support the cause by donating books through their local bookstore or directly through the website at any time:

“Times are tough. For thousands of Kiwi families, books are a luxury they can no longer afford,” Sonya says. “I really hope that New Zealanders will continue to support this fantastic cause and buy books for kids in need, as well as for their own children, this Christmas.”

The Kiwi Christmas Books Campaign runs from November 1 until December 11, 2023. For more information, including a full list of participating bookstores, charities and recipients, please see:

Kiwi Christmas Books