How does KKRKB work?

Boy reading a book Each author essentially has their own bookstore within the KKRKB online bookstore. Your orders are sent to the authors or their distribution service for them to pack and send the book(s) directly to you. This means KKRKB can pay a larger percentage of each book sale to the author as we don’t operate a warehouse or distribution facility and can keep our operating costs lower.

I’ve ordered several books. Why is there a packaging and delivery fee per book?

Because each author packs and sends their own books to customers. KKRKB passes the P&P fees onto the relevant author, who each have their preferred delivery service. We encourage authors to keep the P&P fees as cost effective as possible.

Some authors offer a discount coupon if you buy two or more of their books, which takes some of the packaging and delivery costs off your order total. These one-use-only discount coupons are shown on the book description page and most coupons are applied automatically at checkout if your order qualifies. We’ve put lots of great boxset offers and multi-book discounts on their own page to make them easy to find.

If you buy more than one copy of the same book by an author, generally you pay only one packaging and delivery fee for those multiple copies.

How will my order be delivered?

Each author uses their preferred delivery service. These can include CourierPost, NZ Post, Fastway, and other New Zealand providers. Depending on the author’s delivery service, delivery can take 3-5 working days and possibly a day or two longer for rural delivery.

My order hasn’t been delivered. What should I do?

We are committed to ensuring the safe arrival of your parcel. Simply send an email to orders@kiwikidsreadkiwibooks.nz. We’ll check with the author to find out when and how the order was dispatched, and let you know so the order can be delivered.

My book has arrived damaged. What do I do?

We’re sorry this has happened. Send an email to orders@kiwikidsreadkiwibooks.nz with a photo of the damaged book. We’ll talk with the author about getting a replacement copy sent out to you.

I’ve received the book and changed my mind about wanting to keep it. What do I do?

That’s a shame, however we do not provide refunds or exchanges. KKRKB and our authors do our best to describe books accurately to help you make a well-informed decision before you purchase. All sales via this website are final and you’re welcome to ask for more information before you buy if needed.

More information about your rights as a consumer under New Zealand law is available on the Consumer Protection website.

Do you offer book tokens or gift vouchers?

Yes! You can buy KKRKB gift vouchers to make it easy to gift great Kiwi kids books. Read the gift voucher details to be sure they suit your purpose. We’re happy to answer any questions if you want to email orders@kiwikidsreadkiwibooks.nz

I want to my order sent to a country other than New Zealand but can’t do that during the checkout process.

We are taking one step at a time as we establish KKRKB so, for now, we can send orders to New Zealand addresses only. If you would like to follow KKRKB on Facebook or Instagram, we’ll share news there when there are any other countries that our authors can start sending their books to.

Where are the books printed?

Each author makes their own decisions about printing and KKRKB encourages them to utilise a local printer wherever possible. Many New Zealand printers can print high quality paperback and hardcover books. Alternatively, the author may choose to use a printer overseas.

Do you sell to schools, early childhood centres and libraries?

Yes! We love helping teachers and librarians find great Kiwi kids books that may not be available through mainstream publishing channels. Please order via the online bookstore and either pay by credit card or online banking in the usual way. We can provide a tax invoice for payment by 20th of the month following, if you wish. Please email us – orders@kiwikidsreadkiwibooks.nz – to request this. Please note that payment terms are strictly 20th of the month following and any delay in payment will mean we won’t offer this payment option to your organisation in the future. Delayed payment of invoices means delayed payments to authors and that’s not how we like to operate. Our authors’ payments are our first priority!

How do you select which books are available through KKRKB?

KKRKB has an independent selection panel which review all books submitted by authors for possible inclusion in the KKRKB online bookstore. We consider each book on its own merit, looking at the overall quality of writing and design, and whether we think it fits with the ethos behind KKRKB of encouraging more Kiwi kids to read books written by New Zealanders which may or may not be set in New Zealand.

If you are a New Zealand author interested in submitting your book(s) for possible inclusion on KKRKB, you’ll find more information for authors here.

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