First chapter – The Last Kingdom

Kiwi teen author Denika Mead writes compelling fantasy novels.

Denika shares the prologue (first chapter) of The Last Kingdom for followers of The Kiwi Kids’ Bookstore.

The Last Kingdom is a standalone book and introduces characters who will feature in The Crystal Continent, the last book in Denika’s very popular Royal Orchid series.

We hope you enjoy reading this sample of Denika’s exciting fantasy novel for 9-12 year old readers.

War is raging.

Pixies are on the attack.

His father is dead.

And he’s only 17.

Thrust into a world he’s been dreading his whole life, Prince Phoenix must take the throne. But who can he trust?

His only friend stands by him, but if she’s found, she will be executed.

The fate of his friend and kingdom are in his hands. Can Phoenix save them from destruction, or will he be their downfall?

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The Last Kingdom by Denika Mead