Je t’aime Hayr

Je t’aime, an Auckland-based writer and twin mom, experienced prenatal depression during the first trimester of her twin pregnancy. Seeking ways to improve her emotional well-being, she turned to daily mindfulness and meditation practices, which helped her stay present and regulate her challenging emotions of fear and anxiety. Inspired to advocate for mental health and emotional literacy in families, she became a certified mindfulness teacher.

When her twins turned two and their tantrums intensified, Je t’aime found herself struggling to cope with their strong emotions and once again turned to mindfulness tools.

Recognising that many other parents faced similar challenges when their children were in heightened emotional states, Je t’aime conceived the idea of a mindfulness story the whole family could learn from.

Her children’s book, The Little Tiger with the Big Temper, is a delightful and accessible read that introduces practical mindfulness tools to identify and self-regulate challenging emotions, while promoting emotional literacy in children.

The Little Tiger with the Big Temper has garnered attention and praise, with a guest appearance on TVNZ Breakfast and features in Tots to Teens, The Mental Health Foundation website, Thrive TV and OhBaby, and Thrive magazines. Additionally, Suzy Cato read the book for her Treehut TV YouTube channel.

By sharing her personal journey and expertise under the Sassy Mama Co banner, Je t’aime aims to empower families and educators with mindfulness tools that support emotional well-being and create harmonious environments for children to thrive.