Jenna Brockett

Jenna lives in Auckland with her husband, daughter and son.

As a designer and illustrator, her signature style and quality craftsmanship made her a hit at craft markets where she built a passionate following of fellow art lovers. It was these same followers (along with family and friends) who encouraged her to do what she loved and to never stop creating – a journey which culminated in her first published book A, B Seek in 2017.

She has create three more books including the First Sign sign language books.

Jenna taught her daughter sign as a baby but found it hard to find resources with NZ Sign Langauage. After learning sign through classes and feedback from people in the deaf community she went on to create these resources in hope to help others.

In between creating, she focuses her time on her children, raising them with an appreciation and respect for their Cook Island and Māori heritage.

Jenna Brockett family