Jo van Dam

Jo is the librarian at two central Auckland Primary schools and an author of books for small people… with an animal theme to date.

She says that working with children and books is the best job in the world; very rewarding and often very funny.

Jo emigrated from England when she was ten years old and is very glad her family made the decision to move here. She is married with two lovely grown up children.

Jo has written five books. Her first book, Doggy Ditties from A to Z, was a finalist in the Children’s Choice Book Awards in 2015. Her second book, The Adventures of Kaia the Kororaa, was written for the education team at Auckland War Memorial Museum. Her third book, The Whale and the Snapper, was selected by MacDonalds to print as a mini book to put in their ‘Happy Meals’ (very cool to have a book rather than a plastic toy!).

See the button below for teacher notes about poetic devices available for Doggy Ditties from A to Z.