Marie Langley

Marie Langley is a freelance writer, working from her home in Golden Bay, in the top northwest corner of the South Island. Previously, she spent 19 years teaching in secondary and area schools. She was the head of an English department for 10 years, a deputy principal for seven years, and completed a Master of Teaching and Learning degree in 2003. She also helped run a family business, The Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop, in Takaka, Golden Bay, for 23 years, alongside her husband, Martin, before he  passed away in January 2019.

Marie is the author of many educational resource titles, mainly for NZ company Essential Resources (100+ titles for ER since 2003), but also for other publishers including Learning Media (Ready to Read, Junior Journal, School Journal, and curriculum targeted readers for USA schools).

Her children’s picture books, Pukeko and Pukeko the Performer, and her junior novel, What Happened That Day, have previously been published by Reed and later Pearson International in the early 2000s. One print run of Pukeko was assigned to Duffy’s Books in Homes. The current editions of these titles plus a third picture book, Pukeko the Explorer, are now self-published, printed via CopyPress in Nelson.

What Happened That Day was on the 2008 Storylines Notable Books junior fiction list. It was written for a target readership of struggling readers, mainly boys, in the 11-14 age group. The layout, style and font size of the current edition reflect this to make it more palatable to those readers. It has been well received by many readers, not only those who find reading a challenge. The subject matter remains relevant today.

The current editions of the Pukeko picture books, including the first publication of Pukeko the Explorer, have been illustrated by talented artist, Dean Raybould. Dean and his family have recently moved to Oamaru but previously lived in Golden Bay for many years which was where the connection between author and illustrator was established.

Marie’s daughter, Chloe Langley, assisted with layout and design work for all of these books, making sure the manuscripts were print-ready.

Marie Langley