Marking Brain Awareness Month with ‘Brain Tricks’

Kiwi author and freelance writer for Tots to Teens magazine Rose Stanley marks Brain Awareness Month and has some suggestions for our KKRKB community about how reading can help when our brains are feeling overtaxed with everything that’s going on in our world.

March is Brain Awareness Month, organised by the Neurological Foundation. It’s a fabulous opportunity to remind ourselves of just how incredible our brains are.

They work for us constantly; even when we are at rest, our brains keep on keeping on, functioning in different ways to care for us physically, emotionally and mentally. And what better fodder for our brains than reading – firing new connections, inducing the imagination, and much, much more!

2021 so far has been a bit up and down with COVID – and we are only into March, so if your kids are a bit unsettled or feeling uncertain, remember that lack of focus and ability to concentrate can be a part of this.

But ANY reading is always great, so here’s an idea to give your kids’ overtaxed brains a bit of a break – pull out a whole pile of their old favourites, from first chapter books right back to board books and early picture books. Let them have a change of pace, wander down memory lane, be comforted by the familiarity and simplicity, enjoying the beautiful illustrations.

This will give their brains a break from anxiety, worry and frustration. In fact, why don’t you take the time to join them, read aloud together and see how much tension can melt away for everyone for a few magical moments.

And if you need reminding of just how wonderful children’s books are, here is a quote from Katherine Rundell, author of ‘Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise’: “Children’s books say: the world is huge. They say: hope counts for something. They say: bravery will matter, wit will matter, empathy will matter, love will matter.”

What salve for the brain!!

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Brain Awareness Month