ABC with Millvy – Fijian Alphabet

Matanivola Vakaviti

Looking for something original and relevant to life in 2021?

This book is based on the 23 Letters of the Fijian alphabet. The words for the images are in Fijian but all other text is in English to encourage you to try the Fijian language.

This ABC with Millvy – Fijian Alphabet book has been designed to engage curious young minds! The high-quality photographs connect children to real-life experiences and places on Koro Island in Fiji and New Zealand. The drawn illustrations are from the Millvy’s Missing Tail series, Books 1 and 2.

Like a workbook, this also includes activity sheets and teaching guides so the reader can stay engaged for many hours and keep learning whether in the classroom or at home.

Themes are: fruit and vegetables, animals and insects, technology and transport, where we live.

Paperback edition
8.5 x 0.13 x 11 inches
53 pages


Illustrated by Lizette Duvenage


Also, in the Millvy Education series there is:

123 with Millvy is in development for 2021

Find the eBook version if you prefer.

Meet Kiwi author Eleanor Kit Eleanor Kit

Eleanor Kit is the pen name of Michelle Wade. A pen name inspired by two hardworking business minded grandmothers, who provided an exemplar for my writing and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Michelle writes children’s illustrated books to encourage curious minds in the preschool / primary school age group. Currently these books have a NZ and Fiji theme but will branch out into a global journey as these series develop further. The first series is Millvy’s Missing Tail, an adventure series following Millvy a silver Maine coon cat around the globe in search of his tail. The 2nd series “ABC with Millvy” is educational with ABC in two languages and includes activity worksheets and a teacher’s guide. A 3rd story series on Millvy’s dog brothers is underway.

Find out more about Eleanor and her books on her author page.


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