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Alphabet Resort - Elastic Island Adventures #4

Elastic Island Adventures: Alphabet Resort is the fourth in the Elastic Island Adventures children’s book series for children aged 8 – 12. Kiri, Jed, and twins Emma and Ethan, discover an ‘elastic’ island that sends them pinging across the ocean to a variety of destinations.

The children are excited to be going to the wedding of King Shiny and Princess Topaz. Love is in the air, especially when they encounter Wombo the Wombat, a bachelor looking for love, who they decide to help. But then Princess Topaz is kidnapped, and everyone begins a frantic hunt to find her.

Will they find her in time for the wedding, and will Wombo the Wombat succeed in finding love?

Suitable for children 8-12 years

Paperback format


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Illustrator: Dmitry Chizhov


‘Miss Eight and I had been looking forward to reviewing this book for so long – she was already a firm fan of the series and could not wait to see what the four children and her personal favourite, Blong the Cat, would be up to this time round. There is a nice sense of familiarity when a book is part of a series. The main characters are like special friends; their personalities are already known, so you can go straight to the story proper.

‘​Near the beginning of the book is a list of the 26 authors who have given their names to the various buildings in Alphabet Resort. I was amazed at how intrigued Miss Eight was by the listing. I had thought she would skim over those two pages after reading the first two entries, but I had to read the entire list to her so she could comment on each entry. She was familiar with around 50% of the authors, a lot more than I had expected. Of course, some of them were not “real” authors but that did not matter to her. She loved the whole idea and said she hoped one day someone would name something after her too! 10/10’
Kiwi Reviews

​’This is a delightful and entertaining book for 7 to 11 year olds with well drawn characters moving along at an agreeable pace and extending their imagination into a healthy, imaginary fantasy world.’
Flaxflower reviews

​’Like the other books in this series this new Elastic Island Adventure story is well told with Karen McMillan’s usual quirky sense of humour and would be a jolly good read for 6-12-year olds.’

​’In this story, that easily stands alone, they have been invited to the wedding of King Shiny and Princess Topaz. Their accommodation is the Alphabet Resort where each holiday house is named after a children’s author complete with information about them and their books. I think it’s great when children’s stories reference other authors and books as it will inspire wider reading. Then Princess Topaz is kidnapped and the children help in the hunt to find her in time for her wedding. It’s made more difficult with a set of cryptic clues to decipher and that Princess Topaz has been rendered invisible. The characters are amusing and quirky, especially Mrs Quokka with her mixed-up idioms known as Quokka logic. RECOMMENDED.’
Read NZ Te Pou Muramura

​’Alphabet Resort sticks with the lovable cast of characters readers know and love from its predecessors. The four young children in the story are well defined and likable, each with their own quirks and strengths. The relationships and interactions between the four characters – and indeed with the minor characters – are realistic and perfectly pitched for the intended audience of children aged between eight and 12 years. Fans of Blong the cat and Mrs Quokka will be pleased to know both characters appear in this story, and are fabulous as usual – with a great setup for one of them in the fifth book hinted at within the pages of Alphabet Resort. Alphabet Resort takes readers on an exciting and creative journey. With a cast of quirky characters and plenty of action, it makes for a great read.’
NZ Booklovers

Meet Kiwi author Karen McMillan Karen McMillan

Auckland author Karen McMillan is the author of 17 books, published in nine countries, a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. Karen writes the popular Elastic Island Adventure series for children, that is in early development to be made into a series of animated movies.

Karen lives in Auckland, and is currently writing the next instalment in the Elastic Island Adventures series. She has created teacher notes for each of the Elastic Island Adventure novels; these can be downloaded from Karen’s website.

Find out more about Karen and how to contact her on her author profile.


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