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Blaze - Guardian of the Monarchs

For the Monarchs’ survival they need a superhero.

Ben, Luke and Jessica get busy. Cut! Tape! Sew! They build a defender, bright like a flame.

A butterfly scarecrow and Blaze is his name.

Learn about the Monarch butterfly lifecycle and vulnerabilities by following three children and new superhero, Blaze, through this book.

The book is a 32-page, full colour, perfect bound paperback
24cm x 24cm


Written, illustrated and photographed by Adele Gaddes

A fun rhyming children’s book incorporating creativity and imagination with factual learning. Suitable for children aged 2-9 years old, although parents and grandparents may learn something too!

A great resource for classrooms, parents. grandparents, nature enthusiasts and monarch butterfly lovers.

Printed in New Zealand, FSC certified and shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.


“A charming and factually correct book about the monarch.”
~Jacqui Knight- Founding Trustee Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust.

Blaze internal page

Meet Kiwi author Adele Gaddes Adele Gaddes Author

Adele Gaddes is a well travelled, proud New Zealander. She loves detail, learning, and being outdoors – always appreciating the little things.

She has grown many swan plants (milkweed) and both watched and photographed the increasing numbers of monarch butterfly in her garden, on the family farm in the Waikato.

By writing and illustrating this book, Adele has brought a fun way to highlight the plight of the monarch butterfly, as worldwide numbers decline.

Find out more about Adele and how to contact her on her author page.


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