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He was known as Bojangles, the ‘King of the Track’, the toast of the punters, the cream of the pack!

Bo is a greyhound, one of the fastest on the track.

But, when Bo’s racing life is cut short, he must adjust to a quieter life.

Not only does he have to get used to not racing, his new owners have to get used to him as well.

What happens when a greyhound, whose life is racing, can no longer race?

Paperback format



Illustrator – Bruce Potter

Meet Kiwi author Anna Kenna Anna Kenna

Kāpiti Coast author Anna Kenna is former television reporter, long-distance hiker and dog lover. After a 30 year career in journalism, she now writes for children and her books and stories can be found in classrooms around the world.

Find out more about Anna and how to contact her on her author profile.



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