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Boo goes Tutti Frutti

High on the bench a bowl caught Boo’s eye.
Jump! Thump! Bump!
What did he spy?

You’ll laugh out loud when you discover what sends this pintsized pooch into a tailspin …They’re fruity! They’re delicious!

They’re fruitalicious!

Home alone and hungry, Boo spies something that tempts his tastebuds, but will he like them?

Kiwifruit! Plums! Avocados! The McQueen sisters’ pristine house quickly loses its sparkle and sheen!

This bouncy page turner will have children guessing what type of fruit Boo gets his teeth into next. With a catchy rhythm and rhyme, this delightful book will have everyone joining in … with a fun surprise ending.

Inspired by a true story.

Paperback format
250mm x 240mm
32 pages



Illustrated by Scott Tulloch who lives, draws and writes in his home in Wanaka.

Scott Tulloch’s bright and humorous illustrations pop off the page bringing Boo and characters to life. Boo goes Tutti
Frutti is a joy to read and is sure to leave readers and listeners wanting more. And maybe more fruit too!

Rachel Weston was inspired to write this story because her dog had an avocado addiction. Every night under the cover of darkness he would sneak over to the neighbours property and steel an avocado (or three!) from their tree. Trotting home with his nightly prize he would peel the avocado skin off with his teeth, eat the flesh and leave behind the stone, skin, and green smudges on the carpet.

Meet Kiwi author Rachel Weston Rachel Weston

Author Rachel Weston, lives in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on a kiwifruit orchard with her family, a horse in the backyard and her dogs, who are her loving writing companions – and thankfully get her up from her writing desk for a walk each day!

Rachel’s love of writing for children evolved from writing keepsake stories of her three children, when they were young. She jotted things down – funny things they did and said, and wrote madcap family vignettes.

Find out more about Rachel and how to contact her on her author page.


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