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When Bumblebee awakens from her long winter sleep she cannot find any flowers for food. Who will save Bumblebee?

A child of course.

A sweet, yet relevant story, invoking conversations with children about the wonder and importance of bees. Perfect for inspiring our little people to take care of our little creatures and the world around us.

This beautifully rhyming story is a delight to the eyes and to the ears. The messages are factual and important and like flowers beginning to bloom, children’s minds will grow by understanding the synergy between flowers, bees and the food we eat.

Softcover edition
270mm x 240mm
32 pages


Aimed for readers aged 1-5 years, Bumblebee complements author Rachel Weston’s best-seller, Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet.

In Bumblebee, Rachel introduces the concept of pollination in a deceptively simple way as we follow Bumblebee through the seasons of her remarkable year.

This is Rachel’s fourth independently published book and third collaboration with illustrator Deborah Hinde.

Gorgeously illustrated by Deborah, the pages reflect Rachel’s love of the natural world and her observation of bumblebees, a creature she has many of in her garden.

“Bumblebee was an absolute joy to work on,” says Deborah, “Like Rachel, I adore bumblebees and have always wanted to illustrate a book that allowed me to come up with a cute bumblebee character … not to mention flowers!”

Review comments

Ruud Kleinpaste ~ “For the sake of humanity and the life-forms we live with on Earth, we need to rediscover the Operations Manual of our Planet and that means getting acquainted with our natural world as early as possible in life. Insects do brilliant jobs and they are involved in so many eco-systems, showing that, in Nature, everything is connected. This story starts it all off for your youngest humans, on their way to become nature literate.”

Meet Kiwi author Rachel Weston Rachel Weston

Author Rachel Weston, lives in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on a kiwifruit orchard with her family, a horse in the backyard and her dogs, who are her loving writing companions – and thankfully get her up from her writing desk for a walk each day!

Rachel’s love of writing for children evolved from writing keepsake stories of her three children, when they were young. She jotted things down – funny things they did and said, and wrote madcap family vignettes.

Find out more about Rachel and how to contact her on her author page.


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