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Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet

Bee Amazed
Bee Informed
Bee Delighted
By the super-duper, power packed awesome-ability bumblebee!

Tired of learning about butterflies?
Did you know bumblebees go through metamorphosis?
Did you know in New Zealand tomatoes are pollinated by bumblebees?

Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet contains fascinating buzz facts, information on why bumblebees have whiffy feet, how their bodies work, their superpower eyesight, their family life cycle, and how you can help this integral insect survive.

This wonderful book will excite and delight young readers and the young at heart.

With an ultra-violet light experiment, exercises to increase your body temperature like the bumblebee, and even how to imitate the bumblebee’s special talent: buzz pollination, this book is educational in the best way possible.

Bumblebees Have Smelly Feet is full of photographs and charming illustrations of the endearing bumblebee that will certainly capture the reader’s heart.

Paperback format
215mm x 215mm
32 pages

$20.00 inc. GST


Photos by Rachel Weston and others. Illustrations by Deborah Hinde.

Suitable for ages 5+

When Tauranga based author, Rachel Weston, was asked by her husband, “Do you know where bumblebees live?” She didn’t. When he told Rachel they nest underground, she didn’t believe him! This started Rachel’s discovery of the delightful bumblebee, their relevance to our eco-system, food and crop production, and their amazing abilities. Rachel couldn’t wait to share with children how incredibly cool bumblebees are.


“This has all the qualities I look for in a non-fiction book. Quality photos, glossary, index, bold headings and sub-headings which is great for children who like to dip and dive into a non-fiction book. The buzz facts is a cool addition to this well-researched book.  Certainly a book to add to any school library and one for home too.  Booktrailers4kidsandYA.”

“Informative, brightly coloured, easy-to-read book all about bees.  Kids loved it at school here.”

On Jack Tame’s Newstalk ZB show, Rudd Kleinpaste said, “It is exactly what you’d need as a teacher if you want to do a
unit on bumblebees or a topic for mini-beasts in the curriculum.”

Meet Kiwi author Rachel Weston Rachel Weston

Author Rachel Weston, lives in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on a kiwifruit orchard with her family, a horse in the backyard and her dogs, who are her loving writing companions – and thankfully get her up from her writing desk for a walk each day!

Rachel’s love of writing for children evolved from writing keepsake stories of her three children, when they were young. She jotted things down – funny things they did and said, and wrote madcap family vignettes.

Find out more about Rachel and how to contact her on her author page.



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