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Double Clear - Pony Jumpers #2

Katy O’Reilly has grown up on horseback, training promising young ponies under her mother’s guidance.

Although unable to afford top level show jumpers, she has been fortunate enough to lease two exceptional Grand Prix ponies, and they are both on top of their game and ready to take on the competition.

But just as the season is getting underway, a shocking twist of fate starts to unravel all of Katy’s best laid plans…

Paperback edition

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Meet AJ, Katy, Susannah and Tess as they train and compete their ponies on the National Show Jumping circuit. Whether they have an unschooled pony and tack held together with duct tape, or a string of top-quality show jumpers, these girls all have one thing in common – a love for the sport, and a lot of love for their ponies.

Each book in the Pony Jumper series focuses on one of the four main characters and ties into the books that have gone before. Written by an experienced competition rider and coach, the series incorporates information about training and riding show jumpers that will hopefully give help and guidance to readers, as well as each telling a great story!

“The Pony Jumpers series gives you thoroughly enjoyable, character-driven stories loaded with authentic content: just what we have come to expect from this author.”
– Jane Badger, author of “Heroines on Horseback: The Pony Book in Children’s Fiction”

Find the eBook edition here and use the ‘look inside’ feature to read a sample of the story.

Meet Kiwi author Kate Lattey Kate Lattey

Kate Lattey lives on a six-acre farm in Foxton, New Zealand with a horse, a pony, a dog, a cat, a rooster, two hens, and 20-odd sheep.

Kate has been reading and writing pony stories ever since she can remember, and loves being able to share them with readers who love horses just as much as she does.

Find out more about Kate and how to contact her via her author page.

1 review for Double Clear – Pony Jumpers #2

  1. Kate B Gordon

    I stumbled across Ms Lattey’s website a while back and took up her offer of a free copy of the first Pony Jumpers book, First Fence, when I signed up for her newsletter. I was soon engrossed in AJ’s story and her struggles with her wilful pony Squib. She was much braver than I would ever be and I applauded her each and every time she got back in the saddle.
    I bought the box set and dived into book two, Double Clear, and Katy’s story. Initially I was a bit confused, trying to keep up with all the different ponies (I still am, to be honest, and I’ve just finished book eight), but that didn’t stop me enjoying every page of this book. Katy is so determined and clearly a very capable rider (nothing like me!)
    Then it was on to Susannah’s story in book three, Triple Bar, and a completely different character, ponies and problems at home.
    In book four, Four Faults, I found the character I could most relate to – Tess, somewhat frightened of the strong pony Misty and happy to be riding at home on the farm more than competing. I really loved this book.
    Ms Lattey has created four great characters who have become friends through this first part of the series, realistic family and relationship issues for them to contend with, and wonderful ponies for them to ride. I absolutely love that these are set in New Zealand and just feel so real to me, like these could be girls I know at Pony Club – oh, how I would have LOVED these when I was a pony-mad teen!
    If you love pony stories and getting to know some awesome girls, I reckon you’ll love Kate Lattey’s Pony Jumpers series as much as I do.

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