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Emotions in Motion

Everybody experiences all sorts of emotions at different times and in different situations.

Emotions in Motion encourages children to identify their own emotions and to be able to express and understand them.

This is a book for every parent, grandparent, teacher or support person who wants to nurture a child in their life.

Paperback format
32 pages
240mm x 240mm


Illustrated by Lisa Allen.

Cheeky Dragon is a partnership between author Rose Stanley and illustrator Lisa Allen.


From“We all feel emotions, and there are so many different ones. Some can mix up together all at the same time, and some can stay with us for a long time.

With every emotion, we feel a different way. Anger is like firecrackers, and Happiness feels like a hug. Confusion makes us feel lost, and Sadness like we’re walking in cold rain.

Emotions make us behave in different ways too, so it’s always a good thing to be able to name them, to help others understand how we are feeling.

With a different emotion portrayed on each page, Emotions in Motion clearly displays each one, and describes a feeling that might go with that emotion. A great way to talk about feelings, behaviour, and also how to understand others emotions.

Lisa Allen’s clear, colourful illustrations on plain white backgrounds help show separate emotions, in a clear way for young readers. Perfect for kindergartens, Playcentres or home libraries.”

Read an article Rose wrote for Tots to Teens magazine called “7 reasons parents want to take note of emotional intelligence“.

Meet Kiwi author Rose Stanley

Rose Stanley author Rose Stanley has previously worked in New Zealand schools for many years providing pastoral care for students experiencing challenges, both emotionally and socially. She is a trained companion for the ‘Seasons for Growth’ programme which provides education for students on ways to deal with grief, change and loss. Rose writes books on emotional literacy and problem solving for children.

Rose offers free downloadable activity sheets for her book Emotions in Motion on her website for teachers, counsellors and social workers to use.

Rose works with illustrator and book designer Lisa Allen in a partnership called Cheeky Dragon. Visit their website and check out the ‘Free Stuff’ page for colouring and activity sheets, and lesson plans which relate to their book Brain Tricks.

Lisa Allen is an illustrator and book designer based in Muriwai on Auckland’s west coast. Her work is based mainly around children’s books. She has a variety of distinctly different illustration styles across a range of media.

Find out more about Rose and how to contact her on her author profile.


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