Faelan the Wolf – Into the Lockjaws

In this follow-on to Faelan the Wolf – Odd Wolf Out, Faelan’s pack is under threat from the white wolf, Varg Ákafar.

The Pack Leader is dying, and his successor, weaselly Weylin, is not a fan of odd-ball Faelan and his unwolflike ways. Bardolph’s daughter Tala and Faelan must go and meet Varg (who is in possession of the Sacred Moonstone) in the treacherous Lockjaw Mountains to negotiate the return of the stone by offering Varg some of their territory…

Or is Tala going to offer something else? Perhaps even Varg’s long-lost son … Faelan?

Written by Juliette MacIver

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Faelan the wolf and his friend Tala, daughter of the Pack Leader, must head into the treacherous Lockjaw Mountains to meet with the leader of their neighbouring pack and their arch enemy, the white wolf Varg. Tala intends to negotiate the return of their sacred Moonstone, which has fallen into Varg’s paws. Against Tala’s instructions, Faelan brings his friends Ralph and Luna along as support. The negotiations with Varg go badly, and when Varg realises who Faelan really is, he sets his henchwolf Rezso on him.
The four young wolves are involved in a frightening chase, with Varg and Rezso almost destroying them but for some unexpected help from Faelan’s brave and cunning chicken-friend, Avian. Escaping Varg and Rezso, the four wolves travel further into the Lockjaws and receive further help from a mysterious lone wolf, who keeps himself out of sight. Eventually Faelan’s companions meet Avian face to face, and she saves one of them from drowning. An unlikely allegiance forms between the wolves and the chicken, and Tala promises Avian protection in their territory.
In return, Avian asks Faelan to help her free her flock. She has one thousand and eight chickens to free from the Slave Barn in which they live. Faelan reluctantly agrees to help her.  Read the full synopsis in the teacher’s notes.

About the Kiwi author

Juliette MacIver is an award-winning children’s picture book author of many titles such as the wonderful Marmaduke Duck series, Henry Bob Bobbalich, Grasshoppers Dance and Tom and the Dragon. Juliette has a BA in Linguistics, and Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the Trinity College of London, and is part-way through a Master’s degree, also in linguistics. She  lives near Wellington with her husband and four children.

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