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Fearless Fred and the Dragon

Fred’s story will encourage the child in your life to saddle up their own imagination and ride out into the unknown. This Joy-Cowley-shortlisted book will take pride of place on their bookshelf. Children will be amused and engaged as they meet Fearless Fred who, wearing tinfoil armour, sets off to fight a snorting dragon.

Told in rhyming couplets and repetition that will delight younger readers, this gently humorous tale combines reality with Fearless Fred’s adventure in a way which may encourage readers to fearlessly expand and enjoy their own imaginations.

Paperback edition
32 pages

$15.00 inc. GST


Written by Maureen Sudlow

Illustrated by Kat Quin Merewether

Recommended reading ages 2-5. Children enjoy the story being read to them and often join in on the repetitions.


Why I like Fearless Fred and the Dragon and Why You Should Read It, by The Picture Book Review

  • It is disarmingly humorous.  The illustrations and poetry have such a romantic and dramatic feel to them, that when he does confront his dragon, it is so surprising you can’t help but laugh.  Not giggle, not chuckle, but wholeheartedly laugh.
  • The illustrations are magnificent and compliment the verse perfectly.  Each spread of bold, rich colors alternates between what an onlooker would see with what Fred is feeling as his rides his tricycle in search of adventure.
  • The syncopation of the poetry and the illustrations is perfectly done.
  • This book is only good things — an adventure, a dramatic climax, and fish and chips for tea afterwards.
  • My son could not have enjoyed this book more!  He had me read it to me countless times and I’ve heard him quote lines from the book while playing.
  • Readers of all ages will be struck by the beauty, simplicity, and universality of this book.
  • Fearless Fred and the Dragon is a sweet book that spurs the imagination with a quiet but unique flare that could only come from the wonderful country of New Zealand.

Reader review: My two and a half year old grandson Riley loves your book about Fearless Fred and the Dragon. He loves it when the possums turn into dragons. And he is thrilled to bits when he sees the tomato sauce bottle on the table, because at the moment he wants tomato sauce on everything he eats! And I like the way that you have ended the book by Fred riding off with “The End” on the back of the saddle. We wait for Fred’s next adventure.

Reader review: Fred decides to go on an adventure. He sets out on his trike with his trusty companion, the dog. As Fred’s imagination takes over, along the way he gets thrown off his “horse” into a dark swamp only to come face to face with a “dragon”. Never fear, Fred has his bow and arrow with him and his trusty canine friend to fight the dragon.

This Joy-Cowley-shortlisted story is told in lilting, rhyming couplets and repetition by Northlander Maureen Sudlow, who combines reality with Fearless Fred’s vivid imagination, while delightfully illustrated by Waikato’s Kat Quin Merewether.

Although Master and Miss Four both found one page a tad scary, the story held both their and Master Seven’s attention for the duration and the over-all verdict from the three of them was “Cool!”

Meet Kiwi author Maureen Sudlow

Christchurch born and bred, but now resident in Whanganui, Maureen Sudlow has lived and travelled extensively throughout New Zealand.

A former member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, Maureen writes mainly poetry and text for children’s picture books.

Find out more about Maureen on her author page.


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