Finding my Superpower – a book for dyslexic thinkers

Dyslexic thinkers see the world differently.

Rather than teach them to see the world as it is, what if we inspire them to be who they were born to be…? World changers!

This book is written as an encouragement for both children and their parents as they navigate their emotions surrounding a dyslexia diagnosis.

While the book does not seek to deny that there are challenges or difficulties with being dyslexic, it simply wishes to offer hope, that good things can and do come from thinking differently.

Written by Sarah Prestidge and illustrated by Kauri Findlay

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“Beautifully written and illustrated. I love how encouraging and positive this book is – it helps kids to understand that dyslexia doesn’t have to be a limitation, but rather a way for you to find your own unique skill set and that is just as important as anyone else.” ~ Abbey Hilson

“My dyslexic son loved the book. He is 8, and we read it together. Easy font and only two sentences per page. Inspiring for him to see all of those famous people who achieved so much and who are dyslexic like him.” ~ Amazon Customer

“This is an excellent children’s book! I work in an educational learning support role alongside students with dyslexia. I am super pleased I made the choice to purchase a number of copies of this book ‘Finding My Superpower: A book for dyslexic thinkers’. I find many students with dyslexia often have poor self-efficacy and self-esteem. The key message in this book is simple and easy for children to understand. It hammers home the crucial message for children who have dyslexia to become aware of, acknowledge and use their areas of strength and it does this in a light & appealing way. The illustrations are fun and I love the colour choices. I am really happy with my purchase and recommend this book to anyone that may supporting students with dyslexia. Brilliant! Every school library should have a copy!” ~  Lexia Bridger

“This excellent book for children with dyslexia showcases the amazing accomplishments of famous dyslexic thinkers and inspires much needed hope. Daily challenges with reading and writing can make frustrations at school seem all-encompassing. But dyslexic brains have real advantages: creativity, inventiveness, problem solving, scientific insight, artistic talent, and much more. Many highly successful adults are dyslexic thinkers. Through this beautifully illustrated book, children can see their own strength and potential.” ~ Jennifer G. Duncan, PhD, RN.  And mom of neurodiverse children 😊

Kiwi author Sarah PrestidgeSarah Prestidge author

Find out more about Auckland author, educational leader and mother Sarah Prestidge on her author page.

Illustrated by Kauri Finlay

Kauri is an award-winning illustrator and designer, born in Japan and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Her illustrative work is a playful mixture of both realism and fantasy. Kauri is passionate about bringing narratives to life through illustration.

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Dimensions24 × 22 cm

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Sarah Prestidge

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