Five Stride Line - Pony Jumpers #5

AJ is still dreaming of taking her talented pony Squib to the top level of pony show jumping, but she’s about to hit some serious roadblocks.

Squib has started slipping on the turns, and now her best friend Katy is insisting that AJ needs to put shoes on Squib, instead of letting him jump barefoot as he’s always done before. But AJ isn’t so sure…

Can AJ achieve her goals without compromising what she feels is best for her pony?

Written by Kate Lattey

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Meet AJ, Katy, Susannah and Tess as they train and compete their ponies on the National Show Jumping circuit. Whether they have an unschooled pony and tack held together with duct tape, or a string of top-quality show jumpers, these girls all have one thing in common – a love for the sport, and a lot of love for their ponies.

Each book in the Pony Jumper series focuses on one of the four main characters and ties into the books that have gone before. Written by an experienced competition rider and coach, the series incorporates information about training and riding show jumpers that will hopefully give help and guidance to readers, as well as each telling a great story!

“The Pony Jumpers series gives you thoroughly enjoyable, character-driven stories loaded with authentic content: just what we have come to expect from this author.” ~ Jane Badger, author of “Heroines on Horseback: The Pony Book in Children’s Fiction”

Kiwi author Kate Lattey Kate Lattey

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