Flying Furballs Take-Off!

Inspired by the the adventure annuals of the ’50s and ’60s, Flying Furballs Take-off! is a large format, full-colour collection of stories and fun facts, comprising:

  • An exciting 25 page full-colour comic (split over 4 sections)
  • Follow the maps and meet the Flying Furballs characters
  • How to draw Flying Furballs characters
  • A look and find spread
  • Cut-away diagrams of iconic WW1 aircraft
  • Puzzling problems with the code-crackers at Barkly Park
  • Funnies and comic strips
  • Dogfight tactics and manoeuvres, and…
  • An outrageous new stand alone Furballs story – an excerpt from Major Tom’s Autobiography High as a Kite.

Crammed with illustrations, hilarious antics, hair-raising aerobatic action and amazing facts and diagrams, Flying Furballs Take-off! is everything you’d expect from a Donovan Bixley book. Flying Furballs Take-off! is a fun introduction to the world of Flying Furballs for readers new to the existing nine chapter books, and a great continuation of the series for existing fans.

Written and illustrated by Donovan Bixley

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An A4 size, softcover book in the style of boys and girls annuals from the 1950s and ’60s combining stories, illustrations, activities and comics. Loads of fun and entertainment whether you’re an existing or new fan of the Flying Furballs.


Bobs Book Blog ~ “Dull would he or she be of soul who could not find enjoyment out of this comic book adventure that is a parody of World War 1 flying aces with a bit of WW2 thrown in.

“Europe is divided between countries that are either cats or dogs. It is Katdom verses DOGZ and the battle is in the air with Sopwith Camels and Fokker triplanes. It’s sort of Biggles with cats and dogs.

“It is full of characters like Syd Fishus an ex flyer who is father of new ace Claude D’Bonair, plus Major Ginger Tom the best dogfighter in Katdom and Manx a no nonsense mechanic. On the DOGZ side we have Alf Alpha a Hitler type leader who is known as the Furrer, plus The Red Setter the most famous pilot in the Woof Laft.

“The DOGZ have planned to divert Katdom with a phoney raid while plotting an armed invasion further south. Katdom is duped and set out in the air “to give those DOGZ a jolly good licking”. Mean while erstwhile potential hero Claude D’Bonair is declined permission to take part in the battle and sent south on reconnaissance. What will be the outcome? Has katdom gone to the dogs? or will the cats make a purrfect response? read it and find out.

“Told in three different ways. Firstly the air war is in comic book style and episodic with each episode divided by an heroic episode on the life Major Ginger Tom called Tom Foolery and involves an Ancient Chinese Ming vase. Also between episodes of this story we have detailed drawings of the aircraft used in WW1 plus flying tricks used in air combat. But wait there’s more. Check and see what it is.

“Amazing detail and some references from songs such as Cats in the cradle with a silver spoon which is an autobiography of Major Tom and this gives this picture book sized story great appeal for adults and older readers.

“I missed the first 9 books about the Flying Furballs and intend to go back and read them and so should you. One of the most readible and entertaining stories I have read for some time. Donovan Bixley’s illustrations and written text are superb. An award winner in the making.”

About the Kiwi authorDonovan Bixley

Find out more about multi-award winning, Taupo-based Kiwi author and illustrator Donovan Bixley on his profile page.

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