Goodbye Comet (My Big Moments)

A cheeky cockatoo, named Comet, made sleepovers in Perry’s treehouse especially fun.

One morning, Perry and Frankie discover that Comet has died.

Together, they figure out how to say goodbye, and how they can always remember their special friend.

Developed with the help of a team of experts in child development, neuroscience, play therapy and psychology, My Big Moments children’s picture book, Goodbye Comet, is designed to help children be ready to handle loss by exploring the concept of death and grieving from the safe environment of storytime.

The story follows the main character, Perry, and his best friend as they deal with the death of a pet cockatoo. They discover how to process emotions, and ease their sadness through ceremony and memory-making.

Written and illustrated by Hannah Davison, Flicka Williams and Marco Palmieri

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This story helps you and your child learn about grieving the loss of a loved one with practical language, ideas, and strategies from child development experts.  For ages 2-7.

Relieve your worries about your child handling big feelings of grief with expert advice at the back of the book, helping you guide them through emotional processing and healing strategies.

The creators behind My Big Moments weave practical language, ideas and strategies throughout the books. Their purpose is to fully engage kids in a story about their own real-life situations, while they gain valuable life skills.

Kiwi parents Hannah Davison and Flicka Williams, working with Australian illustrator Marco Palmieri, wanted to make the tricky job of parenting that little bit easier. By providing credible tools, they hope to leave mums, dads, and caregivers better equipped to guide children through life’s first milestones.


Bob’s Book Blog ~ “Dealing with death of a parent, a sibling a friend or a pet is hard on everybody but for children it is a new experience that they have to learn about. This is the purpose of this excellent picture book for juniors , primary and intermediate level children.

“Comet is a live wire cheeky cockatoo with a black beak and yellow head feathers. When Perry and his friend Bob play pirate and explorer games in their tree house Comet fits in beautifully. Even at night Comet sticks around to watch the heavens. Then one day Comet gets up no more. Bob and Perry are distraught. With parental assistance they bury him with dignity and the tears flow.

“How do they get over Comet’s death? Read it and find out and know well that the advice is superb. In the back there are 12 points for adults to consider to help in this big moment in Bob and Perry’s lives. The illustrations are on the nail. Bright eyed innocent children, a cheeky cockatoo and parents who are there but not intrusive.”

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