I Believe…in Me!

When Mrs Pie invites her class to share their hopes and dreams for the future, Thomas Tippet is nervous.  More than anything he wants to become a teacher, but he doesn’t think he’s good enough.

From the warmth of Mrs Pie to the vivacious crazy-haired Annabelle Apple who is destined to become an astronaut there is a character for everyone to relate to. The outspoken and big-hearted Olivia Oil who is passionate about the ocean and Benjamin Biscuit who wants nothing more than to bake; Imogen Ink who feels inspired to become an Imagineer and Henry Humphries who just knows his life will be happy.  Even the class cat has big dreams of his own.

Filled with colourful personalities to delight, and inspire, this beautiful story engages children and provokes conversation, right through to the last page where there are real-life stories of people who have shown unshakable self-belief.

Written by Siubhan Green and illustrated by Helen Cloke

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“A book which speaks to adults and children alike with its powerful message of simply believing in yourself. It reinforces the knowledge that an adult’s words hold so much influence over the intrinsic belief systems of a child. This beautiful story reminds you of this in a delightfully written way using alliteration and cute names to draw a child into the story. The illustrations enhance each page as you watch the expressions on Tommy Tippet’s face as the story progresses. Not only does it have a powerful message, it is a great read for children. This is definitely a book that I would use in the classroom as a teacher and with my children at home. I thoroughly recommend it.”

“I gave this to my 10 yr old boy who isn’t a great fan of reading – he managed to read the whole book and loved it!!! He’s even read it aloud to his siblings.  Thanks for a fantastic book and wicked illustrations.”

“I bought 3 of these books for gifts and will definitely be buying more in the future.  Such a wonderful message and a beautifully illustrated and produced book.”

“This book should be read to every child, it is so encouraging. What a better world it would be for kids to grow up knowing who and what they really are.”

“I love this book and its message so much I felt compelled to buy multiple copies as gifts for relatives and friends’ children. Highly recommend!”

A note from the author, Siubhan Green

Siubhan-Green-authorNearly 10 years ago I left an unhealthy marriage.  With my two young children, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.  I needed to know why.  Why I’d made the choices I’d made in my life. There were things I loved to do, things I was actually pretty good at, but something kept holding me back.  I stayed put. I had great ideas but was scared to follow through.  I took courses and passed with flying colours then sat on trembling hands and did nothing. I stayed in relationships that didn’t serve me. I knew I wanted so much more for my own children.

After years of research I discovered that we all have inbuilt ‘wiring’. Thoughts about ourselves and the world around us that are ingrained in our mind in the way that water, over time, leaves grooves down a rock face. Wiring created by everything we experience in life, but most especially when we are growing up.

As an adult, trying to unravel this wiring can feel a bit like untangling Christmas tree lights. It can be done, but it takes time, patience and a whole lot of understanding. I wanted to be able to help install the right wiring in the first place. I thought, “What if we could fill our children with so much self-belief they never doubted they could do anything they dreamed of? That they could weather storms and uncertainty with a deep inner knowing that they were worthy of living a life they truly loved?”

This book was born from that desire. It serves to not only fill children with a sense of self-belief, but also to help adults and caregivers alike understand the significant power their words hold.

Find out more about Siubhan on her author page.

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