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I’m Seriously Joking - 500+ Seriously Funny Jokes for Kids

A seriously good way to get kids reading…

With a whopping 500 original jokes crammed-full of puns and word-plays, this 230-page book will get kids reading and show them how much fun language can be. They’ll even improve their vocabulary and thinking skills along the way.

These clean, family-friendly jokes are divided into fun categories, making them easier to find and share. Brief introductions from the author explain how the jokes were inspired and constructed, and over 100 hilarious illustrations bring the jokes to life.

If laughter is the best medicine, this book is a seriously good cure. Suitable for jokesters aged 7 to 107.

* Side effects may include uncontrollable giggles, side-splitting laughter and incessant joke-telling

Paperback edition
203 x 127 mm
236 pages

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$20.00 inc. GST


Illustrated by Paul Beavis

Tom E. Moffatt’s latest book for the joke-tellers in your family.

Ideal for 8-12 year olds


Meet Kiwi author Tom E. Moffatt Tom E. Moffatt

Tom E. Moffatt writes stories and jokes to make himself laugh-out-loud. When other people find them funny he considers it a double-bonus.

He is an award-winning author, a keen story teller and edutainer, having spent 12 years teaching in primary schools around the world, and loves visiting schools and making children laugh.

Find out more about Tom and how to contact him on his author page.


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