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I'm Joking - 500+ Original Jokes for Kids

Giggle yourself silly with over 500 original jokes by Tom E. Moffatt: Author of Children’s Laughter.

These brand-spanking-new jokes are a great way to freshen up your joke repertoire and change that broken record.

Brimming with squeaky-clean family fun, amusing introductions from the author and hilarious illustrations throughout…

I’m Joking makes the perfect gift for children aged 8 and up.

Paperback edition
203 x 127 mm
236 pages

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$20.00 inc. GST


Paul Beavis – Illustrator

Ideal for 8-12 year olds

From the author

Bored of hearing the same old jokes? Me too! That’s why I filled I’m Joking with more than 500 original laugh-out-loud jokes for kids aged 8 and up. From barking mad dog jokes to stinky poo gags, these jokes are so fresh and funny that people will think you made them up yourself. Which is fine, as long as you remember to buy me a doughnut when you’re a world-famous comedian.

From the Back Cover

“I don’t know how he thinks them all up!”
Trevor, my imaginary friend

“Hundreds of rib-ticklers!”
The skeleton in my closet

“I always said there was something funny about Tom E. Moffatt … Now I finally have proof!”
My mother

Have a look at the eBook edition using the ‘look inside’ feature.


I'm Joking sample page I'm Joking sample page


Meet Kiwi author Tom E. Moffatt Tom E. Moffatt

Tom E. Moffatt writes stories and jokes to make himself laugh-out-loud. When other people find them funny he considers it a double-bonus.

He is an award-winning author, a keen story teller and edutainer, having spent 12 years teaching in primary schools around the world, and loves visiting schools and making children laugh.

Find out more about Tom and how to contact him on his author page.


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