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Irish Luck - Pony Jumpers Special Edition

Twelve-year-old Dan Caldwell is a young rider with big ambitions – to one day show jump for Ireland. But how will he ever be good enough when the only ponies he has to ride are tired riding school mounts at the end of a long day? His mam Mairead knows first-hand just how difficult it is to make a living from horses, and keeps quietly hoping that her son’s dreams will fade into something more realistic.

When Olympic show jumper Deacon O’Callaghan arrives at their local show and happens to see Dan ride, he is impressed by the boy’s courage and natural ability. He enlists Dan to ride his daughter’s new pony, a talented but bold show jumper that is too much for the young girl to handle, with the aim of qualifying to compete at the Dublin Horse Show.

It’s the opportunity that Dan has been waiting for, but there are several obstacles in his path. Can he help the pony to reach its potential? Can he convince his mother to let him take his chance? Most important of all, can he possibly live up to Deacon’s expectations?

Paperback edition

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Meet AJ, Katy, Susannah and Tess as they train and compete their ponies on the National Show Jumping circuit. Whether they have an unschooled pony and tack held together with duct tape, or a string of top-quality show jumpers, these girls all have one thing in common – a love for the sport, and a lot of love for their ponies.

Each book in the Pony Jumper series focuses on one of the four main characters and ties into the books that have gone before. Written by an experienced competition rider and coach, the series incorporates information about training and riding show jumpers that will hopefully give help and guidance to readers, as well as each telling a great story!

“The Pony Jumpers series gives you thoroughly enjoyable, character-driven stories loaded with authentic content: just what we have come to expect from this author.”
– Jane Badger, author of “Heroines on Horseback: The Pony Book in Children’s Fiction”

Find the eBook edition here and use the ‘look inside’ feature to read a sample of the story.

Meet Kiwi author Kate Lattey Kate Lattey

Kate Lattey lives on a six-acre farm in Foxton, New Zealand with a horse, a pony, a dog, a cat, a rooster, two hens, and 20-odd sheep.

Kate has been reading and writing pony stories ever since she can remember, and loves being able to share them with readers who love horses just as much as she does.

Find out more about Kate and how to contact her via her author page.

1 review for Irish Luck – Pony Jumpers Special Edition

  1. Kate B Gordon

    I adore Kate Lattey’s books. They are exactly what I would have loved as a horse-mad teen, and even as a much older reader, Ms Lattey’s stories fulfill my horsy book dreams.
    Irish Luck is a wonderful side story of Dan, Keeley and their blended family who we meet in Top Ten: Pony Jumpers #10. I think it’s brilliant that these characters were so interesting to Ms Lattey that she felt they deserved a story of their own. She took me to the wet, green fields of Ireland filled with super Connamara ponies and Irish Sport Horses. Add in the intense excitement of competition, an amazing jumping pony (who would have been too strong for me too!), some good luck and opportunities and a dash of romance for the adult readers, and you have a very satisfying read.
    I started reading Irish Luck when I went to bed, and woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, so decided to get up and read by the fire to finish it at 5am this morning.
    No doubt, Ms Lattey’s books are on my ‘must buy’ list.

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