Journey Through The Cat Door

Enzo the Russian blue gets the fright of his life when he is pushed through his new cat door.

Instead of emerging out into his back yard, he finds himself in a strange forest, confronted by an angry bear!

He soon learns that the cat door is a portal to other countries, and he becomes caught up in a mission to defeat the evil villain Professor Olga Stone, a wicked master chef who is capturing endangered animals from all over the world to cook and serve to her customers.

This rollicking intermediate novel, by much-loved children’s author Belinda O’Keefe, is perfect for anyone curious about exactly what their cat gets up to when it disappears through the cat door.

Written by Belinda O’Keefe and illustrated by Monica Koster

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Reviews ~ “There are many stories with people finding portals, but Journey through the Cat Door‘s imaginative premise gives these adventures to a regular house cat. Enzo is a likeable puss showing the reader his world through his eyes, then taking them on his adventures. Things don’t go to plan a lot of the time for Enzo, but he muddles through trying to prove himself to his new friends.

“The evil Professor Olga Stone has a truly terrible master plan, making her the perfect villain in this book for middle-grade readers.

“Scattered through the book are line sketch illustrations of Enzo on his adventures as he becomes the special agent he’s longing to be. Animal lovers and pet owners alike might just see cats in a different light after meeting Enzo.”

The Sapling ~ “Enzo’s narration is engaging and believable, and his voice strikes the purrfect (sorry, I had to) balance of intelligence with a cat’s worldview—he’s quick-thinking and likeable, but he’s easily distracted by flying insects and terrified of the family vacuum cleaner. The narration was plausible enough that I have since been wondering about my own cat’s inner monologue.”

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