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Just End It

Jessie Brown wishes everything would go back to normal.

She’s been dumped by her best friend Hayley, and bullied by the new girl Alexis… and the school year has only just begun!

Jessie blames a rock she found at Whale Bay. It has special cultural significance and too late Jessie discovers that if it’s taken without permission it brings bad luck. It could even explain the strange dreams she’s been having about Hine, a girl from the Moa Hunter days…

Meanwhile Alexis and Hayley are mean to Jessie online and the whole school sees!

Jessie must try to fix everything, but she needs help. Who can she trust? And will anything ever be the same again?

Just End It paperback edition
12.7cm x 20.3cm
134 pages

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More about Just End It

Set on the Tutukaka coast, this is the story of Jessie, a magic rock, a Moa Hunter girl from the past, and the challenges Jessie faces growing up in the digital age.

Recommended reading age: 10 – 14 years

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“I can highly recommend this book! Our tween has just finished reading it, and absolutely loved it. In fact she enjoyed it so much, she was quite sad that she’d finished it!” Glenys, Auckland

“I don’t usually read ‘tween’ novels but thoroughly enjoyed Just End It – what a wonderful story for all ages. I can’t wait for my 12 year old granddaughter to read it as well and I can see a visit to Whale Bay in my future. It deserves to be a bit hit.” Helen, Pukekohe

“…..The best but perhaps slightly understated message of this story is that young people change, and it is not necessary to stay friends with those you were besties with when younger. Personalities and interests change as we mature. While the book is pitched at and suitable for 9 to 12-year olds, it would also appeal to year 9 and 10 students. It is the perfect length for the reluctant reader that wants something that “is like real life but not a love story.” Colleen, Librarian, Marlborough Girls’ College

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Meet Kiwi author Donna Blaber Donna Blaber author

Whangarei author Donna Blaber spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, reading everything she could get her hands on. She grew up in a small town with a miniature library run by volunteer librarians with huge hearts. Every week they’d add their own recommendations to her weekly book bag.

Donna now has a Masters degree in Creative Writing, and enjoys writing stories set in New Zealand, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and much-loved Labrador.

Find out more about Donna and how to contact her on her author profile.


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