Just Keep Going

Becky always loved visiting her dad in New Zealand until she returns during the pandemic.

Now he’s got a baby with her new stepmum and everything has changed. Worse still, her windsurfer hasn’t arrived yet, so there’s nothing for her to do but wait for Mum who is stuck overseas.

Then Becky finds a strange stone at Whale Bay and her luck changes. She makes new friends, joins an environmental group, borrows a windsurfer, and has several close encounters with a bottlenose dolphin who simply won’t leave her alone.

What is wrong with the dolphin? Is it trying to tell her something? And who are the people poaching fish from the marine reserve? How is it all connected? Becky must find a way to solve it all.

Written by Donna Blaber


Just Keep Going is a story of blended families, new friendships, marine pollution, a magical stone, a persistent dolphin, and a young girl with a strong will to succeed, adapting to life in a new country. For readers aged 11 to 14 years.

Just Keep Going is book 3 in the “Just” series which starts with Just End It (book 1) and continues with Just Remember (book 2).

Kiwi author Donna Blaber Donna Blaber author

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