Karmartha – The Last Garden

Everyone thought the animals were extinct.

But they’re grown-ups. What do they know?

Nine-year-old Katerina doesn’t feel like she fits into the world. Until the day she and her older brother Joshua are transported to a magical garden. It doesn’t take them long to realize this isn’t like their mother’s garden. For a start, Mom’s garden doesn’t have a panther or gorilla wandering through the carrots.

Suddenly Katerina will find out just how special she really is, as she fights to save her new friends from hunters, zoologists, and singing rats.

Because in the end, they are the last best hope for the future.

Written by Rodney Strong and illustrated by Lani Scott

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Goodreads reviewer ~ 4 stars, delightful and imaginative. “Kat and her brother Joshua stumble into the adventure of a lifetime on a trip to the zoo. Kat has always been told she was special, but always in the way that meant other people needed to care for her. Her older brother Joshua has always done just that. But Kat learns she’s special for another reason when her spontaneous plan to rescue a panther from the zoo sends the two to a magical animal sanctuary that protects animals either extinct or endangered. Kat’s role surprises them all.

“Kat is a sympathetic heroine. She’s realistic, still showing some of the naivete and impatience typical of her age, but her age is just what makes it work. She’s still too young to ignore magic, or talking animals, and not yet jaded enough to give up hope when things get tough. There is a nice infusion of humor throughout the story, and effective use of illustrations. It’s hopeful and uplifting, and just alot of fun.”

Rodney Strong Kiwi author Rodney Strong

Find out more about Porirua author Rodney Strong via his author page.

Illustrator Lani Scott

Lani is a Porirua based graphic artist who has collaborated with Rodney on two books, Escape from School and Karmartha – The Last Garden.

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Dimensions 20.3 × 12.7 cm

Paperback edition



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Published by

Rodney Strong


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