Kiwicorn’s Flurry of Feelings

Kiwicorn has oodles of emotions.

A fickle flurry of feelings.

This gorgeous book explores a wide array of feelings. No emotion lasts forever and each situation brings something new. The simple story gives children the chance to identify the feeling, and opens up a discussion about what makes them feel that way. The theme of the story overall is
‘resilience’, not giving up when things get a bit tough.

Written and illustrated by Kat Quin

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The Kiwicorn’s Flurry of Feelings story can help parents and teachers to convey the important message that we all feel difficult feelings from time to time, but that recognising and overcoming those emotions can be the best feeling of them all.


Reviewed by Briar Lawry, The Sapling ~ Kat’s work is dependably sweet and cheery, both in content and visual style. Even in a book like this one, where we’re exploring different emotions, there’s still an undercurrent of pep and perkiness that I think is really valuable for the demographic I’m guessing she’s shooting for here. I’m thinking it’s pretty squarely in the pre-school bracket, rather than those developing their own reading skills in earnest.

The text is simple but effective, with plenty of fun alliteration rather than going down the forced rhyme route that some picture book authors seem convinced they have to try.

There are a lot of different books out there dealing with emotions and wellbeing these days. There’s real value in variety, to ensure that different kids get what they need to unpack their own emotions and to better understand the feelings and experiences of those around them. And who better to lead little ones in their journey to understanding their feelings than sweet little Kiwicorn? Kat knows what she’s doing, and our kids are all the luckier for it.

Kat QuinMeet the Kiwi creator

Find out more about Waikato author and illustrator Kat Quin on her author page.

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