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Lily Max - Slope, Style, Fashion

Book #2 in the Lily Max series

Exuberant young fashionista Lily Max finds herself in major a predicament on the first day of school skiing.

Miss Sprotts is totally NOT COOL with her radically modified ski outfit – and everyone is about to discover she’s an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER.

When an ad appears for the Snow Festival’s fashion show, Lily Max is confident she has time to create a stunning collection, and learn to ski. But with her arch-rival, queen-of-mean (and captain of the ski team) Violet Hughes scheming to beat her, can all Lily Max’s crazy dreams come true?

“I thought you said you could ski, Lily Max?” says Violet. “Like my outfit just screams CANNOT SKI or something.”

Paperback edition
198 x 130 mm
208 pages

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$20.00 inc. GST


Illustrated by Guy Fisher

Guy Fisher’s hilarious, black and white illustrations add humour throughout the book. Guy is a Kiwi artist and animator based in Barcelona. He lives with his wife, two daughters and a tortoise named Shelly Lettuce.

Women’s Day Top Ten books 2016

This book will appeal to ski & snowboarding fanatics and also those who are keen to try snow sports but have never had the courage!

Review comments

Sarah Forster, Booksellers NZ ~ “This is the second in Jane Bloomfield’s Lily Max series, published by Luncheon Sausage Books, and as you would suspect, it is all about fashion, baby. Every budding fashionista needs these books.

“Lily Max lives a slightly surreal life in an unnamed town quite like Queenstown, with her clothes designer / seamstress mum, her snow sculptor dad, her bothersome (but getting easier to get along with) sister Angelica, her 3-year-old brother Rocco, and their cat Dottie. The book opens on a snow day, with pancakes and snow sculpting and the small matter of a slightly over-decorated school issue ski suit. Lily Max is getting ready for the first of six weeks of school ski days; she can’t ski even a little, her best friend Greer is still in LA, and she has nothing to wear…”  Read the full review.

Takoda, age 12 (2021) Hooked on Books/NZ Book Council ~ “Next time I go up in the mountains I would like to have made a jacket like Lily Max’s. One of my favourite things about this story is the amount of friendship and love it includes.

“I feel this book is aimed at girls aged 9 to 13. Younger girls would enjoy this book being read to them. Girls that are into fashion or skiing will enjoy this immensely.” Read the full review.

Jane Bloomfield Meet Kiwi author Jane Bloomfield

Queenstown writer, Jane Bloomfield is the author of the much loved Lily Max children’s trilogy, published by Luncheon Sausage Books.

Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock (2015) was a finalist in the New Zealand Children’s & Young Adults Book Awards and received a Storylines Notable Book Award. Lily Max: Slope, Style, Fashion (2016) was listed in New Zealand Women’s Day Top Ten Reads 2016. Lily Max: Sun, Surf, Action (2017) received a Creative New Zealand grant.

Her writing can be found on The Spinoff, The Sapling, NewsRoom, and on her column-style blog, Jane Bloomfield: truth is stranger than fiction.

Jane was awarded a Michael King Writer’s Residency 2021, where she worked on a new middle-grade novel.

Find out more about Jane on her author page.

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