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Loopy Lucy - International Outhouse

School’s out, and Lucy is excited to return to the cosmic laundry room she’s discovered in her house, ready for her next space adventure.

The portal opens when her mother tells Lucy stories about her work as a space scientist. Now she wants Mum to tell her about the International Space Station, in the hope that the portal will take her there. But then Dad arrives in a run-down motorhome called Madeline, and announces that the family are going on a road trip.

Not only are Lucy’s space adventure plans foiled, she’s also expected to share a cramped old van with her smelly brother Zac!

Will she survive and find some magic during this trip, or will sharing with Zac lead to disaster?

Paperback format
151 pages
13cm x 20cm

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Loopy Lucy – International Outhouse is the second instalment of this fabulous series which started with Flying with Hubble and continues with Monsters on Mars.

Junior fiction
Ages 7-12

Cover artist – Sophie Blokker

Freelance digital artist, illustrator and designer. Sophie specialises in personal and commercial commissioned work and children’s book illustrations.

Meet Kiwi author C.V. Aramakutu claire-aramakutu

Claire lives in Christchurch with her husband, three children, and a dog and cat who closely supervise Claire while she writes.

She has worked in the disability sector and in primary schools, where she gave learning support to children with special education needs. She has always had a passion for writing, and recently won seven excellence awards while studying English and Creative Writing at Massey University.

Claire aims through her writing to stir children’s imaginations, inspiring them to set their own creative minds free.

Find out more about Claire and how to contact her on her author page.


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