Lucy Bee And The Secret Gene

Who is Lucy Bee? She always thought she was Lucy Bennett.

Suddenly everything about her world starts changing. Bits of it, important bits, keep flying apart. Are her parents really her parents? Does she really belong to the Bennett family? She has to find out. She decides to track her genes.

Lucy Bee is bullied at school because of her frizzy hair. Realising that her parents don’t have hair like hers – in fact they don’t really look much like her at all, she believes she must be adopted. Or could she have been swapped at birth?  How can she find out?

With her best friend, Megan’s help, she goes on a gene hunt, tracing the path of her genes through her family. Will this provide the answer?

Written by Anne Ingram

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Barbara Murison, Around the Bookshops ~ “The quest keeps the reader guessing until the last pages.  This is one of those stories you simply do not want to put down.” 

Bob Doherty, Dominion Post ~ “Lucy decides she looks nothing like her parents and has either been adopted or swapped at birth. Her mother and father handle it well, but Lucy remains unconvinced. A school science project gives Lucy a chance to compile a family tree and investigate family traits and DNA profiling.  A fascinating story that also highlights childhood friends, vandalism and bullying.”

New Zealand Society of Genealogists ~ “An awesome book that is just right to encourage kids into family history.  It’s a good read and will get kids thinking about how all this genes and DNA stuff works.”

John MacIntyre, National Radio NZ ~ “This is a delightful story of the little dramas children have in their lives – nagging doubts about identity, loyalty, the shifting nature of friendship – which underpin most dramas at primary school.  Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene explores these and resolves them.

Rene Nol, Otago Daily Times ~ “Anne Ingram handles Lucy’s story with great skill and a light touch.  You will want to know where that hair came from.”

Pam Coleman, Youth Coordinator for Kapiti Libraries ~ “I really enjoyed this book.  It’s beautifully written.  It’s funny. I loved it.  What I really liked too was that it looked at bullying from both sides.  It had real insight.”

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Anne IngramFind out more about Kapiti Coast author Anne Ingram on her author page.

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