Magic Mistakes



Whether it’s tasting a new food, diving into a pool or riding a bike, Frankie Lane won’t risk not being the best.

Join Frankie and her fantastically daring friend Tallulah Flare on an adventure into the wonder of Magic Mistakes.


This book encourages us to embrace our imperfections, take risks and welcome failure as a part of growth. It will help parents, caregivers and teachers support children to be more resilient when faced with life’s ‘Oopsy Lohs’.

Endorsed by The Pyjama Foundation in Australia which recruits, screens, trains and supports passionate community volunteers to mentor children in care, and help change the direction of their life path.

Hardcover format
32 pages
223 x 223mm


Written by Belinda Blecher and illustrated by Lisa Allen

Read an article by the author, Belinda Blecher, called “Rethinking School Readiness and Empowering Young Children To ‘Fail’”

Enjoy this review of Magic Mistakes by Adele Broadbent of ‘What Book Next’.

Magic Mistakes


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