Magic Mistakes

Daunted. Petrified. Whether it’s tasting a new food, diving into a pool or riding a bike, Frankie Lane won’t risk not being the best.

She is the perfect child, as long as she sticks with what she knows. We join Frankie on her adventure into the unknown and we learn about the wonder and beauty of Magic Mistakes. ​

We encounter an ‘Oopsy Loh’, the Patron Saint of Mistakes, and see how Frankie’s fantastically spontaneous alter ego, Tallulah Flare, embraces trial and error.  We travel with Frankie​ to the brink of her fears and learn how to face and embrace the growth opportunities they bring.

This book encourages us to embrace our imperfections, take risks and welcome failure as a part of growth. It will help parents, caregivers and teachers support children to be more resilient when faced with life’s ‘Oopsy Lohs’.

This book offers readers the language to face and embrace everyday, ordinary anxieties. It is a tool for parents, caregivers and teachers who are often overwhelmed by how to encourage anxious children to be more resilient when faced with life’s challenges. This book is engaging, with a sympathetic protagonist who is easy to relate to.  Belinda’s clinical experience, together with a compelling narrative, and hilarious and colourful illustrations ​make this book both psychologically valuable and entertaining.

Written by Belinda Blecher and illustrated by Lisa Allen

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Info behind the story

Find out more about Magic Mistakes and how this book can help parents and teachers of children who expect perfectionism of themselves in this additional information document from the author Belinda Blecher.

Read an article by Belinda called Rethinking School Readiness and Empowering Young Children To Fail.

Endorsed by The Pyjama Foundation in Australia which recruits, screens, trains and supports passionate community volunteers to mentor children in care, and help change the direction of their life path.


Adele Broadbent of ‘What Book Next’ ~ “Young Frankie Lane insists on everything being perfect. And as for trying something new – no way! She could get hurt. When she is suddenly out of her comfort zone at school she stands alone in horror. The suggested activities are unexpected and she struggles to cope. What if she can’t do it? Will the other kids laugh?

“It’s not until she meets Tallulah Flare (with messy hair), does Frankie even consider joining in with her classmates. But even then, fear of failing restrains her. Tallulah is unflappable though, explaining Oopsy Lohs – what she calls it when things don’t quite go as expected, showing Frankie that it’s not the end of the world if things aren’t always perfect!

“In a world driven by supposed perfection, Magic Mistakes is a perfect way to show children (and parents), that mistakes are essential for us all to experience the magical process of learning – whether we are drawing a duck, meeting a new friend or just being ourselves. Mistakes aren’t the enemy, being scared to make them is!

“Making and accepting these mistakes builds resilience in children, but we as adults must also model the behaviour we are trying to teach – no frowns or kerfuffle from us at spills, squiggles or splashes. Children need assurance, confident encouragement and kindness at perceived ‘errors’. These are all learning opportunities which will enable them to reach for their true potential.”

About the creators

Belinda Blecher is an Australian child and adolescent psychologist who says: “Childhood has never been more competitive. The pressure to be Top of the Class in an  internationally connected uber-classroom is immense. We risk raising a generation of frightened Frankie Lanes who expect perfection of themselves and lack resilience. Preschools and parents will welcome this book as a vital resource to teach resilience to children. Most parents don’t have access to private therapy for their anxious children. Many teachers lack inexpensive, accessible tools to give them a framework for helping these children.”

Lisa Allen is an Auckland-based illustrator. Find out more about her work on her creator page.

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