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Millvy’s Tail goes to Koro Island

I really do not like the water, but I must go after my tail!

Millvy follows an iguana across the Pacific Ocean to retrieve his tail. Book 2 is a series of island adventures and rescues that Millvy and his new friends undertake as they race around Koro Island following the tail. These friends include a Koro Red–Shining Parrot, a foal and a baby hawk called Squirt.

·         For ages 3 -9 years.

·         Enhanced by beautiful illustrations

·         Teaches children about perseverance and not to give up

·         Teaches that friends help each other

·         Includes Fijian words

Mum is calling me home so I must go. Will my tail be okay and when will I see it again?


This book has 80 pages with bonus non-fiction sections on:

·         Fiji animals – natives and invaders

·         Koro Island

·         Tropical Cyclone Winston

·         The true story of the rescue of Squirt, the hawk

Paperback edition
8.5 x 0.13 x 11 inches
80 pages

$25.50 inc. GST


Illustrated by Lizette Duvenage

About the Millvy series

Book 1, Millvy’s Missing Tail, is also available from Kiwi Kids Read Kiwi Books.

Buy the first two Millvy books for $49 + $6 P&P and receive a fantastic Millvy tote bag FREE. Ideal for library visits and other book carrying duties. Enter the discount code MILLVYTOTE at checkout.

Book 3 is in development and will be based in New Zealand.

Books 4 – 6 are planned for 2022 and will see Millvy globetrotting further afield.

P.S. Millvy will get his tail back in the final book!


5.0 out of 5 stars. Really liked all the extra info about Fiji and its animals.

Great pictures as always and nice story. Can’t wait to see where he goes next.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Very cute children’s story! I had a special interest in this book…there is a book 1 & a book 2…we have a home where the 2nd book takes place & the characters in the book – well, we know so it makes the story even more interesting! I think all children would like this story though, regardless if they know the actual place or not. We have the parrots on our lot, & personally got to know Squirt, the Fiji Goshawk…what a bird! Plus, you get introduced to a village & some of the recent history of Koro – namely, Cyclone Winston & its destruction! Another plus to these books is that the children can learn a few simple Fijian words which are used in the books – like hello, goodbye, grass mats, etc. I give them an A+!


Find the eBook version if you prefer.

Meet Kiwi author Eleanor Kit Eleanor Kit

Eleanor Kit is the pen name of Michelle Wade. A pen name inspired by two hardworking business minded grandmothers, who provided an exemplar for my writing and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Michelle writes children’s illustrated books to encourage curious minds in the preschool / primary school age group. Currently these books have a NZ and Fiji theme but will branch out into a global journey as these series develop further. The first series is Millvy’s Missing Tail, an adventure series following Millvy, a silver Maine coon cat, around the globe in search of his tail. The 2nd series “ABC with Millvy” is educational with ABC in two languages and includes activity worksheets and a teacher’s guide. A 3rd story series on Millvy’s dog brothers is underway.

Find out more about Eleanor and her books on her author page.


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