Moose The Pilot

Meet Moose, a bush pilot who lives in a treehouse. He’s had a VERY busy day delivering goods in his bush plane through sun, snow and rain, landing in all kinds of terrain, when he gets a radio call for one more job – a RESCUE mission!

Moose, the dashing bush pilot from Puffin the Architect, is to the rescue!

With a full plane and bad weather, too, but three youngsters need his help, and this is the job he loves…

I’m Moose! And I fly a plane
with wheels, floats and skis.
I move parcels, food and folk
high above the trees.

Written and illustrated by Kimberly Andrews

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Review ~ Dashing from job to job, Moose the Pilot is a very busy pilot indeed. Never quite finished with one job before another is radioed in!

Rain or shine, or snow, Moose the bush pilot clearly knows how to pilot his plane whatever the weather, doing a number of pick ups and deliveries for all of the animals of his community.

Kiwi has an order of knitted hats to be delivered and Orangutan the Forest Florist needed a box of ribbon. Receiving gifts from his friends at each destination, reshuffling the cargo, and strapping items safely wherever he can find room, Moose lands his plane whatever the terrain and gets the job done!

My little one knew Moose the Pilot instantly from his kindy books and throughly enjoyed Moose’s adventure in the skies delivering parcels, food and folk, with one final adventure interesting him the most – Moose has a rescue! An overnight rescue at that! Moose uses his cargo to stay overnight with his rescue-ees! A campfire, and tent, chocolate fondue and a Sing-along Mega Hits book makes their adventure cosy and fun!

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Dimensions30 × 25 cm
First published



Softcover edition



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Published by

Puffin Books, an imprint of Penguin

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