Pepe And Tute

Pepe is a beautiful and rare native forest ringlet butterfly. She lives for just four short weeks so she lays her eggs and asks Tute the Tūī to protect them.

She flies away, never to be seen again, leaving Tute to mind her eggs.

But things don’t go to plan. What happens when the eggs hatch?

Why is Pepe one of New Zealand’s rarest butterflies?

This creative non-fiction book begins and ends with info pages about the forest ringlet butterfly and tūī.

Written by Marion Day and illustrated by wildlife illustrator Anna Evans

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Pepe and Tute is a creative non-fiction children’s picture book and the fourth in Marion’s successful nature series. Beautifully illustrated by New Zealand wildlife illustrator Anna Evans, children can learn about the lifecycle of a rare New Zealand butterfly and how we can help the forest ringlet.


A reviewer on Kiwi reviews ~ “The illustrations are outstanding and although the butterfly has a comic like face, the tui looks extremely lifelike and it’s vibrant colours are suitably captured. Each page is a visual feast and younger readers would be able to follow the story by the pictures alone.

“I read this book to Year 4 students and they thoroughly enjoyed it. With the eggs ‘disappearing’, I was able to incorporate some math into the story; if there were 11 eggs to start with and the wasps got to 6, how many were left? They particularly liked that it was set in New Zealand with birds and fauna that was familiar to them. The book is entertaining whilst also teaching children about the life cycle of the forest ringlet butterfly. After reading the book, I had a discussion with the children about how pests can affect a species survival and what we could do about it, which lead to a lengthy discussion about wasps!

“This is a fabulous book that would make a wonderful gift and would be great for any children that are interested in wildlife and the outdoors. The illustrations really help to bring this book to life and I highly recommend it.”

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Marion DayKiwi author Marion Day

Find out more about Picton-based author Marion Day on her author page.

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