Welcome to Pixiehaven, a world bursting with magic!

Oona Blu has always known she isn’t your average boring pixie.  She wears flowers in her shoes and paintbrushes in her hair, and has a serious love of stripes.  Even her companion, Hattie, isn’t the usual pixie cat – she’s a rainbow-coloured hedgehog.

Oona wants nothing more than to care for one of the flower families.  But she’s worried that being different means she won’t be chosen.  Have the bullies been right about her all along?  Or will Oona’s pixie dream come true.

Written and illustrated by Katrina McIntyre


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Pixiehaven is a chapter book for age 6+.  Professionally edited and designed, it is entirely made in New Zealand.

There is an underlying theme of bullying with ideas on what to do if you are being bullied.  In a nutshell, ‘If you have the courage to accept who you are despite what other’s think of you, magical things can happen’.


“I really enjoyed your book, Pixiehaven.  It was very interesting and I couldn’t put it down.  I loved it and it was very adventurous.” ~ Lilah,  9 yrs

“It’s amazing and I really, really, really enjoyed it.” ~ Caitlin, 8 yrs

“Really creative storyline and cool fun characters.” ~ Isla, 11 yrs

“This delightful tale about Oona Blu, a very different little Pixie, left me feeling warm and proud to be someone who is ‘a little bit odd’. Oona Blu’s companion, Hattie, a rainbow-coloured hedgehog was my absolute favourite character. His sharp spines that changed colour with his mood reminded me of the mood rings I used to love as a kid.

I love this from the book: ‘A weed is a flower brave enough to follow its own path.’ Like a dandelion. Or, what I used call them: A fairy pillow. The magic Katrina McIntyre has gifted them is wonderful. ‘Every time a human child makes a wish and blows on a dandelion seed, a pixie gets their magic.’ Beautiful.” ~ C.V. Aramakutu, Kiwi author

Katrina McIntyre author Kiwi author & illustrator Katrina McIntyre

Find out more about Katrina on her author page. She loves doing school visits in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty!

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