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Pukeko the Explorer

Pukeko is looking for somewhere new to dance.

He’s got moves for all his local places, so now he’s exploring up, down and all around.

It doesn’t take Pukeko long to learn there’s no place like his swampy home, but he sure has some good moves to bring back from his travels!

Paperback edition
23cm x 21.5cm
28 pages

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Pukeko the Explorer is the third in a series of three picture books about a pukeko who loves to dance. The stories are entertaining and also contain some life lessons, such as learning that dancing on the road is not a good idea!

Author – Marie Langley

Illustrator – Dean Raybould

The current editions of the Pukeko picture books, including the first publication of Pukeko the Explorer, have been illustrated by talented artist, Dean Raybould. Dean and his family have recently moved to Oamaru but previously lived in Golden Bay for many years which was where the connection between author and illustrator was established. Dean’s artistic style is very quirky and entertaining, often thought provoking. At times it includes extra text such as speech bubbles that add another level of entertainment. Dean’s other work often includes painting on ‘found’ objects such as musical instruments. The Pukeko books were his first foray into children’s picture book illustration.

Book layout – Chloe Langley

Marie’s daughter, Chloe Langley, assisted with layout and design work for all of these books, making sure the manuscripts were print-ready. Chloe is an experienced graphic designer. She is also a talented singer/songwriter and a photographer, plus a busy mum to her son.

Meet Kiwi author Marie Langley Marie Langley

Marie is a freelance writer, working from her home in Golden Bay, in the top northwest corner of the South Island. Previously, she spent 19 years teaching in secondary and area schools. Marie is the author of many educational resource titles, mainly for NZ company Essential Resources (100+ titles for ER since 2003), but also for other publishers including Learning Media (Ready to Read, Junior Journal, School Journal, and curriculum targeted readers for USA schools).

Find out more about Marie and how to contact her on her author page.


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