Rarotonga – Elastic Island Adventures

Kiri, Jed and twins Emma and Ethan frequently journey on ‘elastic island’, a unique way to travel that sends them pinging across the ocean to a variety of tropical destinations. This time, they travel with Blong the Cat and Heathcliff the Dog to beautiful Rarotonga.

They are expecting to relax in the sun, but it’s not long until they run into problems. Firstly, Mighty Moko, the resident grumpy gecko who lives in their room, is determined to get rid of them, no matter what! But his annoying antics are quickly surpassed when all the black pearls on the island are stolen in a brazen heist, the thief leaving clues scattered around the island. The children are determined to solve the clues, but even with the help of the wise Mana Tiaki, will they be successful?

Will the people of Rarotonga ever see their precious black pearls again?

Written by Karen McMillan and cover art illustration by Rarotongan artists Pania and Ivon Lee

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Elastic Island Adventures: Rarotonga is a stand-alone, page-turning adventure in the bestselling series set in the South Pacific.

Elastic Island Adventures: Rarotonga has been written with thanks to the Pacific Resort in Rarotonga, and the story has been read and approved by Cook Island Tourism.

The Elastic Island Adventures books are suitable for children from 8 to 12 years of age and are proving to be popular with children, with rave reviews and author Karen McMillan receiving many invites to do festival and school events in NZ, Australia and the Pacific. The Elastic Island Adventures books are optioned to be made into movies, and Suzy Cato has narrated the audiobook for Flip Flop Bay.

In each story, Kiri, Jed and twins Emma and Ethan must work together to get out of trouble, or to help the local inhabitants, before they return home. They are fun stories with plenty of quirky humour, but at their heart they are all about friendship, building resilience and being true to oneself. They are also about literacy and creativity, as the books encourage reading and children to explore the ‘theatre of the mind.’

Read Jewel Lagoon if you like lots of danger and action-adventure. Like the idea of becoming invisible? Read Port Mugaloo. If you love art and colour, read Rainbow Cove. Prefer a bit of romance and like the idea of going to a wedding? Alphabet Resort is the book for you. Love cats? Well, there is an entire kingdom of them in Kingdom of Blong. Like the idea of flying or being a pirate? Then you will enjoy Flip Flop Bay. And for younger brothers and sisters, they will enjoy Blong the Cat’s Costume Caper. There are costumes and dancing and also a counting element.

Meet the Kiwi authorKaren McMillan

Find out more about Auckland author Karen McMillan on her author profile.

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