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Roderick and the Creeping Evil

The mysterious Wizard of Endor appears out of thin air at the end of Harriet’s bed. He has grim news. The magical Kingdom of Endor is under threat from the Creeping Evil…

This foul yellow mist brings darkness and despair to all it touches. It leaks between the worlds and threatens all that is good. It must be stopped.

Harriet agrees to help and is whirled through space and time to the Wizard’s castle where she meets Roderick, a marmot, and Pepin, a squirrel. As they try to decide how to defeat the evil, the Wizard himself falls gravely ill. As his strength ebbs away he calls together the Weavers to create a spell that encircles and protects the castle, leaving it frozen in time.

As the Creeping Evil laps the ramparts, Harriet, Roderick and Pepin are lifted from the battlements by the Ravens of Fardelain. They must find Anoushka, an ancient creature who lives “beyond time”. Only she has the power to defeat the Evil.

They travel through a strange and magical land, peopled by dangerous goblins, friendly pixies, and a giant and very wise turtle. Their path leads them beneath a mountain to finally reach Anoushka’s home. There, as predicted by the Eidish Stone, the fate of the world turns upon a Moment of Destiny.

Paperback edition
136 pages


“Roderick and the Creeping Evil” is the second book in “The Adventures of Roderick” series which started with “Roderick and the Wizard of Endor”. This book may be available from the Kiwi Kids Read Kiwi Books online store in the future.

In the meantime, here’s a little background: We meet Roderick for the first time as a young marmot, growing up in a house on the side of a mountain. One day he sees a small creature on the path below being blown down the mountain by a gust of wind. Roderick dives down to rescue the creature who is a squirrel named Pepin.

When they return to Roderick’s house they find it has been swept away by a landslide. They climb the mountain together looking for a new home and encounter Percy, a man made invisible by enchantment. They enter his magical world by touching leprechaun gold and start a long journey to find the legendary Wizard of Endor who may release Percy from the spell that binds him.

Many strange creatures live in this world and they are helped on their way by a powerful dryad who guards a grove of almond trees. But there are dangers too, in the poisoned forest and later from wicked humans who try to trap them. Most frightening is the Hestrum, a great snake who lies in wait for innocent travellers. It takes all their courage and resourcefulness to win through at last and reach the Wizard.

fiona-mcqueen-author Meet Kiwi author F. M. McQueen

Fiona McQueen is a medical doctor and university professor who changed career direction seven years ago and moved away from the city to live in beautiful Glenorchy, a small town in the alpine region of the South Island, which featured as the backdrop of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

While continuing her medical specialist work Fiona has begun a new career as an author.

She is a committed environmentalist, enthusiastic tramper, yoga and meditation practitioner, herbalist and mother and has had a lifelong interest in children’s literature. Fiona’s interests in Celtic art, magic and spirituality connect with her ancestral ties to the western isles of Scotland.  Her previous books include Roderick and the Wizard of Endor (2019).


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