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Roderick and the Wizard of Endor

Roderick, a small and furry animal, gazes out from his home high on the side of a mountain. Not far below, a tiny figure is swept from the path by the wind. He races to the rescue and saves Pepin, a squirrel, but when they climb back up to Roderick’s home they find that it has been destroyed. Seeking shelter in the stormy night, Roderick and Pepin narrowly escape a dangerous band of vagabonds.

Soon after they encounter Percy, the invisible man. He tells them how he was lured by leprechaun gold into another dimension and became trapped there by enchantment.

Roderick and Pepin decide to help him and find themselves transported into a mysterious world of tree spirits, elves and other magical beings.  Only the Wizard of Endor can break the spell that binds Percy.

The three friends set out to find the wizard in his castle high in the mountains of Endor. They must overcome many dangers to reach him. Their way leads them through snowy wastes where they encounter the magical Elves of the Blue Ice. At last they find themselves approaching the wizard’s castle, but there, coiled in the Crater of the Perseids, a terrifying monster lies in wait.

Paperback edition
145 pages

$24.99 inc. GST


Cover illustrator Emma-Kate Moore

Emma-Kate is an established artist who lives and works in the Wakatipu Lakes District. She has won many awards for her art and her skills as an illustrator for children’s fiction are showcased in the Roderick series.


“Roderick and the Wizard of Endor” is the first book in “The Adventures of Roderick” series. The second book is “Roderick and the Creeping Evil” and this is also available from KKRKB. The third book, “Roderick and the Faraway Voices”, is coming soon.

The Roderick books are suitable for readers of all ages but especially for those between 5 and 12 years old. Readers with a good imagination will enjoy the endearing characters and their many exciting and magical adventures. This series will especially appeal to those who have enjoyed “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Hobbit” and “The Wind in the Willows”.



By Childrens and Young Adult Book Reviews by Bob Docherty

Jolly little tale or quest this, with good values, lively characters and a plot that includes action, magic and drama.

It does have a green, conservation, climate change agenda too but that enhances its appeal. Concisely written with a lot of old world philosophy and structured in short sharp chapters that will keep the reader involved.

Roderick is a large marmot like creature and his friend Pepin is a squirrel like creature. They meet an invisible human named Percy who has become invisible because he took some leprechauns gold from the crock at the end of the rainbow. Don’t do this.

The result is Percy is invisible and Roderick and Pepin touch the gold and become invisible too. The upside is that they can now see the fairy world that is invisible to the human world. How can they become visible again? The answer is the Wizard of Endor.

The three  now go on a quest to find the Wizard who lives in a castle high up in the Mountains of Endor. This journey provides action and drama and we visit places like the Poisoned Forest, Findels gap, the Land of Blue Ice and meet elves  and a huge snake called Hestrum.

A map and a picture at the start show the route and the characters. Good fantasy, but will they find the Wizard and lose their invisibilty?  A sequel is set up.

A good read-a-loud for juniors and fantasy for primary and intermediate readers.

Find the eBook edition here, if you wish.

fiona-mcqueen-author Meet Kiwi author F. M. McQueen

Fiona McQueen is a medical doctor and university professor who changed career direction seven years ago and moved away from the city to live in beautiful Glenorchy, a small town in the alpine region of the South Island, which featured as the backdrop of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

While continuing her medical specialist work Fiona has begun a new career as an author.

She is a committed environmentalist, enthusiastic tramper, yoga and meditation practitioner, herbalist and mother and has had a lifelong interest in children’s literature. Fiona’s interests in Celtic art, magic and spirituality connect with her ancestral ties to the western isles of Scotland.  Her previous books include Roderick and the Wizard of Endor (2019).


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