Royal Orchid - Into the Flames

A power-hungry dragon.

A swarm of smoky skeletons.

Two parents, desperate to find their daughter.

Frantic to save the young Crystal Kingdom princess from the clutches of the dragon, King Leor and Queen Charlotte embark on a rescue mission.

But Leor has other enemies, and they have finally caught up with him. Charlotte must make a choice: save her husband from a terrible fate in the desolate Dark Plain, or rescue their child. With the help of a Mystic Wolf and a few unexpected allies, the separated monarchs navigate an unfamiliar wasteland and fight the battle of their lives to save their family.

However the dangers are far from over. Within the Kingdom hides a threat no one anticipated, one perhaps, even greater than the dragon. What price will they have to pay to ensure their daughter’s safety?

Written by Denika Mead


Recommended reading order: Death-Hunters, Into the Flames, Ghost Warriors

Recommended age range: 8-14

Book contain fantasy maps and scenes set in New Zealand.

Kiwi author Denika Mead Denika Mead

Find out more about Wellington teen author Denika Mead on her author page.

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Dimensions 20.3 × 12.7 × 0.5 cm

Paperback edition

First published




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Published by

Denika Mead


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