Saving Sam

A boy and a dog in danger – can they both be saved?

Ben’s mother is dead, his father is in jail, and his older brother is heading off the rails at a million kilometres an hour. The social worker is fast running out of options when the boys’ aunt and uncle reluctantly agree to take them in. Just as well: they were the last on her list.

Ben’s uncle has bought a guard dog from a man at the pub, but she’s useless — afraid of loud voices and frightened of her own shadow — and he’s decided to have her put down. Ben and the unwanted dog recognize each other for what they are — damaged goods — and find some comfort and companionship together, which slowly grows into love and trust. That love will be needed when Ben’s brother gets into seriously bad trouble, and Ben’s trust in his dog is put to the ultimate test.

Written by Susan Brocker

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Best suited to older primary/intermediate students and teenagers. Saving Sam was a 2010 Storylines Notable Young Adult Fiction Book. Originally published by HarperCollins.


“I found this a gripping and powerful read and a realistic portrayal of how vulnerable youth can be caught in a web of deceit. It moves at a fast pace and will keep readers hooked.” ~ Jilaine Johnson, Reading Time, Children’s Book Council, Australia

“This is an awesome book. The detail and plot is great, and I love the characters.” ~ Goodreads review

About Saving Sam

Moving, poignant, gripping, fast-paced, and thought-provoking are words that have been used to describe this book. Saving Sam is all about a very lonely boy and the dog he comes to love and adore, and the special relationship they develop. Saving Sam is, however, much deeper than this as it deals with dysfunctional families, bullying and drug dealing – all issues that many teenagers may have to confront at some time during these often-difficult years. Saving Sam confronts these issues head-on.

Layla the dog and Ben the boy are described as damaged goods: both seem to be unwanted, and both have severe problems that they will have to try to overcome. This uplifting novel, as well as being about a growing relationship and respect between a scared dog and a sad, lonely boy, also brings home to young readers that trust, truth, love, respect for each other and for what is right are powerful forces for good in our modern society.

For more commentary, check out Saving Sam‘s Teacher’s Notes.

Meet the Kiwi author

Susan BrockerFind out more about Tauranga author Susan Brocker on her author page.

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